#347 Event Report

***Event Report Delivery***

This week’s event report is another corker written by regular parkrunner Imran.

It's a cheer for our new RD Shireen and all our hi-vis heroes. An ode to our Singapore Shufflers and celebrations for all our milestones and achievements!

Everyone is a winner at parkrun!

Read it in full here:

ECP parkrun 347

The amazing Shireen Bailey took the mantle for her first parkrun as Run Director! To be honest - she was AMAZING and she has set quite the standard for the rest of us to live up to.

Not to take away from her amazing performance but the other story of today was: The day of the Daniels.

All 3 first finishers today were Singapore Shufflers - well done to all of you!!

We had 2 Daniels finish 1st and 2nd with quite frankly diabolical times in this heat and humidity.

Daniel Allender took gold with a personal PB with 16:40. I think I was still chatting away at the start line whilst he crossed the finish line.

Daniel Leow took silver with 16:42. He was 1 second off matching his ECP PB of 16:41 - which would have still not quite taken gold today!

Noboru Matsumoto an ECP regular took the bronze with 17:11.

ECP welcomed 34 Singapore Shufflers today for their monthly 5k time trial.

The visit from the Shufflers resulted in a super 129 parkrunners today.

I ended up taking the group photo of the Shufflers and I think we should introduce a parkrun dress code which stops all these ridiculous Shufflers going topless and putting the rest of us with Dad bods to shame!!

Now back to the event…

Along with Daniel Allender we had 19 personal PBs today - which is phenomenal on this weather!!

We celebrated a wonderful 25 volunteer milestone by the ever-charming Pris Chew who gave everyone a very entertaining first timers welcome!

We welcomed visitors from UK, South Africa and New Zealand and Australia today. Including a lovely family from Australia “The Lees” who brought their three girls with them with the youngest Isabelle finishing with a great 54:14! Well done also to Caitlin and Ruby - great job girls!

Also, a great well done to young Gemma Soh for finishing her 3rd parkrun even whilst being held back by her mum Li Ying. Well done young lady!!

Finally, a thank you to all the Hi-Viz heroes:

Shireen BAILEY, Simon BAILEY, Priscilla CHEW, Roberto DE VIDO, Karianne DI SALVO, Norman LOCKHART, Valerie LOCKHART, Punam OWENS, Martin OXLEY, Pranav VENKAT, Riko WATANABE, Imran ZAFFAR

We are always looking for volunteers so please do get in touch!! Ta

Report: Imran Zaffar

Photography: Shireen, Karianne, Pris and Karianne

Thank you, Imran! You always leave us with a smile on our face!

Well, that's a wrap from us. Please do get in touch if a hi-vis bib has you name on it for next week and we'll see you all then!

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#346 Event Report

This weeks event report is written by regular parkrunner Imran.
It's a trip down memory lane in honour of one of our regulars who is sadly leaving Singapore, a hooray for all our hi-vis heroes and special mention to our new RD's joining our core team.
This one is a heart warming read and you won't want to miss it!
Today was both a momentous occasion and a sad one at ECP parkrun.
Before I start the report I want to give a huge thank you to the amazing Doug Irvine. He saw me struggling last week given I always start off like a bat out of hell and then slow down to a slug like walk. I have always had trouble pacing myself and Doug decided to forget his parkrun and help me by pacing me at 05:30/Km! We started off at 05:30 and then finished the final 2km even quicker resulting in my 3rd fastest time at parkrun of 26:26 which is amazing in this heat and humidity…
Thank you once again Doug.
Now back to the parkrun. We were celebrating event 346 at ECP today. It was happy occasion as Roberto run directed his inaugural parkrun and it was a fantastic event!
But let’s get the bad news out of the way first…
It was also a sorrowful event as regular ECP veteran Kai was completing his last (192nd) parkrun at ECP before leaving Singapore and heading back to the U.K.
Here are just some of the highlights of Kai’s ECP adventure!
Kai started his ECP adventure in his late 30s at Event 14 at East Coast Park on 20 September 2014 when he finished 27th with a time of 27:55!
He then smashed this time regularly achieving a PB of 26:43 in November of that year.
A couple of years later on 14 September 2019 Kai beat his PB again at ECPp with a cracking 26:38!!
Over the years Kai has also contributed back to the parkrun community and volunteered 25 times at parkrun in nearly all the parkrun roles:
Photographer (7)
Marshall (11)
Barcode Scanning (2)
Finish Tokens (3)
First Timer Welcome (1)
Tail Walker (1)
Kai is also an active member of the community almost always joining for a drink at Starbucks and connecting with the rest of us!!
Many don’t know this - but Kai was the first person I ever met at parkrun. On the way to my first run, I stumbled over a concrete path and hilariously fell flat on my face, gashing both my knees and smashing my phone… He looked at me questioning “Is this guy sober??? But he was far too polite to say anything and just recommended I get the RD to help patch up my knees.
Kai you will be missed at ECP and we all hope you will be back!!
Now on to the event and Robertos first as Run Director! It all went off without a hitch mostly thanks to Roberto under the careful guidance and stewardship by our amazing C0-ED Karianne!!
Our parkrun day started off at 06:45 with Shireen, Karianne, Roberto and I getting to know the ropes and setting up the finish funnel.
At 07:15 we were wondering where everybody was, but by the end we had an amazing 112 parkrunners and walkers today at ECP!
Well done to Ido Rozenman who was our fist finisher only his 8th parkrun with a time of 18:15. [Hate is a strong word, so I dislike you for being so fast - it’s all envy]
We had 13 people achieve their PB today which is amazing in this heat and humidity:
Paul HABERER - 20:36
Martin OCONNELL - 21:57
Andy KEK - 22:58
Shinichi SATAKE - 24:52
Laura OMERO - 25:55
Chris HORAN - 26:13
Spencer BALL - 27:08
Megan COLLINS - 27:28
Ian DOBSON - 28:15
Thomas HENNESSEY - 28:17
Sing Yan LIM - 31:13
Rosemary PALMER - 31:39
Shriyans MADDIKUNTA - 34:41
We also invited a number of tourists from Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and further afield to our parkrun including 39 first timers at ECP, we hope you all return soon!
Finally we had a 50th milestone for Isabella Rudd Rossler who finished with an unbelievable 20:18!!
We couldn’t have done this parkrun without the amazing volunteers who were:
Shireen BAILEY, Simon BAILEY, Justine CAMPBELL, Damaris CARLISLE, Priscilla CHEW, Roberto DE VIDO, Karianne DI SALVO, Andrea RAYMOND, Pranav VENKAT, Riko WATANABE, Imran ZAFFAR
The future volunteer roster is available at:
Please do sign up if you can. Especially over the next couple of weeks when we have several volunteer roles available.
Next week will be Run Directed by the amazing Shireen Bailey in her first role as RD! So please can everyone support her by volunteering - especially the regulars!
Thank you again Imran for another terrific recap of parkrun day and Kai, from all of us at ECPp, we wish you safe travels and hope to see you at a parkrun again soon!
That's all from us for now and please do get in touch if you can take up a hi-vis hero role for next week. Our volunteer roster has lots of gaps and we would love to hear from you!
Report and Photos: Imran Zaffar
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#345 Event Report

This weeks event report is written by regular parkrunner Imran.
Imran starts out with a very important plea, and then the reports takes on a decidedly futuristic theme, you will want to read to the end:
Plea! Before we start todays event report! We had a wonderful turnout of volunteers today as we usually do on the weekend of a big race (OSIM Sundown - good luck everybody) - however next weekend and for June the volunteer roster is looking empty and we need the help of our amazing community to host these events!!


Now on to the main report - I forgot to do a Star Wars style parkrun event report on 4th May - so I am doing a belated one today!


A long time ago in a park not too far way…

The East Coast Park parkrun was in session with event 345! 

Today Emporer Renee VAN DE BULT was in charge of proceedings at todays podrace (aka parkrun). She was ably assisted by her legion of stormtroopers:


88 Runners of all abilities gathered to participate in the free, weekly, timed 5k event.

The course was flat and fast, and was perfect for parkrunners and walkers of all levels. The event was timed, so runners could see their official time for the run with a barcode scanning system, so runners could collect points towards their parkrun milestone scores.

The East Coast Park parkrun is a great way to get fit, meet new people, and enjoy the outdoors. On this particular day - it felt like we were running in the desserts of Tatooine - it felt HOT!

The parkrunners lined up at the start line, eager to get started. The starter gave the signal, and the runners were off. They quickly spread out across the course, each runner running at their own pace. Imran as usual started out like a Pod speedster and ended up limping home like a Bantha!

The park was especially beautiful today with a stunning sunrise! And some of the trees looked like they were from the Jungles of Naboo.

Todays podrace winner was parkrun debutant Ezra Ganske running his first ever parkrun with a hyperdrive time of 19:25 that puts the Millenium Falcon to shame!

Joining him on the Kessel Run podium were Viraaj Mehta and Stephen Ramwell who came 2nd and 3rd.

We had 13 parkrunners who completed their first ever parkrun today! 5 of whom came in the Top 30! The Empire is still deciding whether to punish these individuals with double the entry fee for next weeks run for being far too fast for us mere mortals!

A huge galactic commendation must go to Zoe B (in the 11-14 age group) who was running her 2nd ever parkrun and finished as the fastest female finisher with a time of 24:12!!

A special mention to young Alex Ko who joined us for parkrun today after hearing about it on veteran parkrace speedster Pris Chews running blog (prischew.com).

The runners ran and ran, until they reached the finish line. They crossed the line, cheered by the volunteers who were there to greet them. They collected their finish tokens and their barcodes, and they headed off to the Starbucks to enjoy a well-deserved drink and a chat with their fellow runners.

It had been a great day at the East Coast Park parkrun. The runners had enjoyed the run, the company, and the weather. They had all made new friends, and they had all gotten a little bit fitter.

And as the runners headed home, they all knew that they would be back next week for another parkrun.

May the force be with you…

Report and Photography: Imran Zaffar
Thank you your highness, Imran. Truly wonderful the event report is.
And that is indeed a wrap and we look forward to seeing you all again same time, same place next week!
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#342 Event Report

parkrun Event report
Singapore East Coast Park parkrun 342
29 April 2023
The first people are gathering at the beautiful park around 7am. The friendly and energetic run director sorted out the various volunteers, including tourists like myself. The parkrun is very easy to find and a short taxi ride from the city centre. There were 91 participants, runners, joggers and walkers. Some real first timers (always nice to see more people joining), quite a few tourists from UK, Australia and Ireland and someone with a 25 volunteer milestone (congratulations).
After a clear briefing, a few hundred meters to the start line. The course was easy to follow, but the humidity levels were high. Even as a parkwalker, I was dripping! A few very fast runners and a dozen (fast) walkers and anything in between. Quite a few participants and volunteers join at the Starbucks afterwards, which is approximately 1.5k walk. Unfortunately we had to shoot off early after a quick coffee, but it is a nice atmosphere.
We scheduled our flight back home in such a way that we could participate in today’s parkrun: it was definitely worth it.
A great team of volunteers, very warm & welcoming, lovely park and easy to get to (and away).
image3 image2 image1 image0
Event Report: Philip De Klerk
Photo's: Philip De Klerk

#341 Event Report

A big thank you to Clara for this weeks event report.
It was just super to be back parkrunning at East Coast Park and Clara captures the morning beautifully:
April 22nd marked the return to East Coast Park after a six week break. I missed my regular Saturdays here so much and was delighted to be back.
Conditions were hot and humid but that didn’t stop our 11 volunteers from running a great parkrun. Thanks to all of you hi-vis heroes; you are absolute stars and make parkrun what it is. Big thanks to our run director Damaris for getting us back into the swing of things. A special mention to David Allan who completed his 25th parkrun volunteer milestone today; thank you for your dedication and here’s to the next 25!
In other milestone news, Suyen Goh completed her 50th parkrun and Rebekah Brown celebrated her 25th. Well done! A remarkable 40 of our participants were first timers at ECP; 12 of whom were first timers to parkrun.
One of the lovely aspects of parkrun is the accessibility and inclusivity, there are so many events to choose from in so many parts of the world and everybody is welcome. Whether you are flying to the finish in 17:23 as Noboru - our first finisher - did today or making sure everybody gets to the finish line safely and without the fear of being last - thank you Punam for tail walking - or one of the many others in between; you have a place at parkrun.
Post-run coffees were lively today with interesting and informative chats. If you have time after the event, it is a great way to meet new people and make friends.
Another week of parkrun complete. Well done all! It's not always easy to get up to make it for 07:15 and to do 5k (or in the case of volunteers, to make the 5k happen) so give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.
Report by Clara Sofillas

#340 Event Report

parkrun #340 @ ECP

My 20th parkrun! There was a lot going on at todays parkrun. Today was a day of 2's. We had a visiting world record holder in not 1 but 2 running events! We also had 2 “features” (aka diversions).

Singapore had been hit with torrential rain all week, but for some reason it eased up just before our parkrun making it the perfect weather for some quick PBs - however that proved tricky.

Unfortunately our intrepid ED Damaris had to deal two major roadblocks running right through our path due to engineering works!

A special round of applause must go to the volunteer marshall’s for acting quickly to divert the course and get it ready in time!

I strolled up at 07:15 far too late for a volunteer and started my first timer briefing at 07:25. (Terrible I know).

We then had the run briefing before we all made our way to the far left of the path to start!

We had 100 parkrunners and walkers today! A cracking turn out given the weather…

Now on to the big event! We welcomed Steven and Joasia on their way to Australia. Joasia “Jo” Zakrzewski (don’t ask me to pronounce it) is a double world record holder. Joasia is a professional runner (just like me ) and represented Scotland in her home Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.


Last year she broke the British 24hr road record completing 247.985km in the European Championships.

She bettered that accomplishment 3 weeks ago when she broke three records completing an amazing 411.5km in the 48hr race in Taiwan (I don’t think I could do that distance in a car in 48hours).

She broke the British women’s record of 366km which had been held since 1988. Not only that she beat the British men’s record of 401km which had been held since 1991 and even more impressively she beat the World record of 403km which had been held since last year.

Unfortunately Joasia cannot even attend parkruns in her current home Australia as she works on Saturdays as a GP. Talk about overachiever!!

Joasia and Steven if you are ever back on our little island we would love to welcome you again to ECP!

We welcomed 35 first timers to ECP for 8 of whom it was their very first ever parkrun! Thank you to all of you for choosing our parkrun - hopefully you catch the parkrun bug like the rest of us weirdos…

We welcomed tourists from the U.K. and Australia and also from Ireland and the US.

Congratulations to Katie Boorer who decided to visit us for the first time in order to celebrate her 50th Parkrun today! Amazing achievement!!

One of our recent volunteers Syed Wazir looked far too relaxed and casual as he lapped me and put in a ridiculous time of 23:00 - a personal PB for him.

A huge big wave and well done from all of us at ECP our regular ECP parkrunner Pris who is in Japan and recently achieved a PB at the Osaka Marathon!


Finally thanks once again to our Hi-Vis heroes without whom the event wouldn’t happen! If you wish to volunteer please don’t hesitate to contact us on Social Media or via email.

See you Next Week!!




#339 Event report

We had a tinge of sadness as this parkrun day arrived, but only as it was on the last day of a fabulous four week holiday to South East Asia.  The holiday was meticulously planned so that we would be in Malaysia on a Saturday and also in Singapore on a Saturday – you can work out why!  Unfortunately on our Saturday in Malaysia both the parkruns there were cancelled – but East Coast Park this week more than made up for that!

 It was a parkrun with several firsts for me (not my finish position though!!).  I have never arrived at a parkrun in a taxi before, I have never arrived at a parkrun in the dark before, and I have never done a parkrun in 85% humidity before!  All of which made it exciting and memorable.

 We arrived in plenty of time and sat and watched as it got light and the parkrunners started arriving.  The first timer’s welcome was informative and well attended by lots of tourists and new parkrunners.  After which we had the main briefing from our fantastic and very friendly Run Director, Karianne.  Tourists from all over the world were welcomed – Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and probably more…….

 Several people were achieving milestones which were congratulated. Rachel Hillier and Neil Stanbury were running their 50th parkrun and Andra Durbin was running her 100th parkrun.  Congratulations to you all and also to the 13 people who were running their first ever parkrun, and who were told that they will soon realise that the days of the week become Friday, parkrunday, Sunday.

 After the briefing there was a short walk to the start and then we were off on the out and back course along the wonderful sea front scenery of East Coast Park.  As well as the beautiful park and sea front itself, we also passed a Tai Chi class taking place.  I was curious about all the ships that seemed to be parked in the bay and had been told that many of them belonged to companies that had ceased trading during the pandemic and had just been abandoned there, some still full of cargo.  I have no idea whether this is true of not, but I’m not one to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

 Not everyone likes an out and back course, but personally I do.  This was my 218th parkrun and you’d think I’d have got quite good at judging how far a 5K run is…….but I haven’t.  On a one lap course I can be convinced I must be near the finish, only to look at my watch and realise I’ve barely done 2K.   At least on an out and back course I know when I’m halfway!

 So, on to a few parkrun stats. 104 parkrunners and parkwalkers as well as 15 volunteers took part.  In addition to the 13 people running their first ever parkrun a further 25 did their first East Coast Park parkrun.   Despite the heat and humidity 15 people achieved a PB – bravo!  Congratulations to them and also to anyone who got a result for their parkrun stopwatch bingo, position bingo, or whatever other challenges you are doing.

 I like to find out a bit about where I am visiting.  Singapore is one of only a few City-States in the world…..the exact number is debated but Singapore, Monaco and Vatican City are the generally accepted ones.  East Coast Park itself is 185 hectares and built entirely on reclaimed land.  In fact, I think quite a bit of Singapore is on reclaimed land.  The famous Raffles Hotel is now several blocks inland but is on Beach Road, presumably because it was at some point near the beach……..

 Everyone who volunteers at parkrun is great, but at East Coast Park they were truly exceptional – so friendly and good humoured.  A special mention and massive thank you to Karianne and Punam who were so helpful with advice on how to get to and from ECP, and for being so friendly and welcoming.

 We are back home in the UK now, still slightly jet-lagged, and my next task is to start on my TripAdvisor ratings.  Without a doubt, East Coast Park parkrun would get a five star rating from us.

 Thank you for a fabulous parkrun, we hope we will see you again sometime!

Sue Martin


#338 – Event Report

This week’s event report has been written by a regular at ECPp, Imran.

Another super write up of yesterday’s event .

parkrun 338 @ East Coast Park!!

Today 118 park runners and walkers were guided by Damaris our amazing Run Director on a bright and beautiful Saturday morning!

Of the 47 runners who were new to East Coast Park. We were honoured to host 20 who chose todays event for their first ever parkrun, I am sure many of them will have caught the parkrun bug like the rest of us!

We had a wonderful cast of volunteers today with a few new faces (some teenagers from Eton College school who were volunteering as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award).

Today's first finisher was Sabri Hammami with a great time of 16:21 on only his 2nd parkrun. With such a quick time he probably entered the finish funnel before I had even passed it on the way out.

An even bigger achievement was by the running machine known as Yen Ling Lim who was the first of 37 female runners placing 39th with an amazing 22:54 and a ridiculous age grading of 87.19%!!! To get sub 23mins in her 60s is not just impressive it’s world class!!

Emmanuel Vergara and his family were visiting us for the first time from Queensland and even at Katja’s first timer briefing I could tell they looked quick, and he proved me right with an amazing 17:25 and 3rd place. His lovely wife and baby also had a lovely parkwalk exploring our beautiful East Coast Park.

Talking of tourists, we welcomed not only our friends from down under but also tourists from the U.K., South Africa, Japan, India, and the US.

Congratulations to the 15 runners who achieved PBs today and well done to Becky Smart for achieving her milestone 50th parkrun!

A huge, good luck to our regular park runner Pris who will be away for a couple of weeks as she runs the Osaka Marathon!

I also watched in amazement as the amazing WS Yong and his family completed todays 5K at the tender young age of 82!

Tech tip: There are a couple of apps that help you track all your parkruns and any parkrun challenges you may be aiming for.

(Editors note: there are volunteer challenges too!)

5k parkrunner results app by Michael Clayton. (Only on the U.K. appstore)

Running Achievements app by Ford Hollet (on the international appstores)

Another great website to know is dfyb.run which allows you to add your parkrun barcode to your Apple iPhone and Watch.

Imran Zaffar

Thank you Imran

We can't wait to see you all again next week!


#337 Event Report part II

parkrun #337 @ East Coast Park

 What a beautiful start to the morning, which as usual resulted in a hot parkrun.

As per usual the worst part of parkrun is getting up at such an ungodly hour!

The glorious sunshine was out early and was a great wake up for those of us out last night!

We had an amazing 129 parkrunners and walkers, just 21 off our record!

Today was not a day for PBs, unlike last week where we had a break in the rain perfectly timed for parkrun and leading to many PBs. So it’s even more impressive that 18 parkrunners got their PB today.

We welcomed some lovely tourists from South Africa, Australia, the U.K. and Thailand to our wonderful parkrun, including Judy who was running her 444th parkrun with us today and Annie from Sheffield who ran her 409th parkrun.

Annie showed extra commitment to join us this morning having spent the whole evening playing Rummikub until 06am this morning and then running to join us from car park E.

A huge congratulations and welcome to the parkrun newcomers - who I hope will become as addicted to parkrun as the rest of us:

Jesse WOLTER-SMITH (19:24)

Reuben Ming Gui ONG (20:08)

Andre DIBIAGIO (21:23)

Damian QUEK (21:50)

Andreas DANNERT (22:17)

Khor YI SHENG (22:29)

Ang TZE SEE (22:36)

Callum OBRIEN (24:08)

Johan Van Stiphout BLOM (24:40)

Kevan NG (27:01)

Susanne DIBIAGIO (27:22)

Alan CHEUNG (30:35)

Pepijn KETS (30:44)

Lucas KEE (35:01)

Eva CHONG (36:01)

Pitchaya PERGCHOEI (42:50)

Finally a huge thank you to the parkrun volunteers without whom we couldn’t host the event.

Imran Zaffar


#337 Event report

This week we have not just one, but two event reports to share with you.
We'll start with Russell, Australian parkrun adventurer who was touristing with us for the second time. It was great to have you back Rusty!
Here is what Russell had to say:
East Coast Parkrun - # 337
Todays event No.337 was another Prime Number to acquire , for those many of us acquiring gains in Challenges on the purple 5K parkrunner results App.
Wonderfully the substantial overnight rain didn’t affect this beautiful and very flat parkrun course with any pathway puddles.
Large groups of parkrunners from England, South Africa and myself from Australia were fortunate to experience perfect overcast running conditions with a nice very slight coastal cross breeze to lessen the normal high Singapore humidity.
1st finisher was of the 129 participants, was very speedy Darren Southcott in 16:05 just 13 seconds away from his PB .
2nd position was Singapore Shuffler Noboru Matsumoto in 17:44.
3rd finisher was Mr Consistency, Kei Suzuki with 18:08 , a PB by 4 secs.
Lei’s 5 parkrun times have been 18:12, 18:17,18:08, 18:07 and 18:02 over at West Coast.
Power on Kei , a sub 18:00 time is within reach.
1st lady was Isabell Rudd Rossler in a quick 19:38 just 12 seconds away from her PB.
Another speedy Singapore Shuffler member was a new friend I met on my previous tourist visit to East Coast park , exactly 6 months ago to the day, in Gil Madrid with a fine time of 20:04 for the M55 age category runner and just 36 seconds slower than Gil’s PB from 6 years ago !
A extraordinary high number of 46 people experienced East Coast Parkrun for the first time and a good number of 18 PB’s were recorded by regular or returning participants.
Personally after 13 consecutive weeks of tiring international travel, I had a fine run of 23:48 just 35 seconds away from my M70 age group time of 23:13.
Thanks to all 14 enthusiastic volunteers that made another successful parkrun happen at this fabulous Singapore location.
Next parkrun for me is Copenhagen, Denmark next Saturday. Farewell for now.
Russell Johnson,
Australian Parkrun Adventurer
Safe travels Russell and we look forward to you visiting us again soon.
We'll share our second event report with you a little later in the week so we can enjoy reminiscing about last weekend while looking forward to our next parkrun day!


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