#340 Event Report

parkrun #340 @ ECP

My 20th parkrun! There was a lot going on at todays parkrun. Today was a day of 2's. We had a visiting world record holder in not 1 but 2 running events! We also had 2 “features” (aka diversions).

Singapore had been hit with torrential rain all week, but for some reason it eased up just before our parkrun making it the perfect weather for some quick PBs - however that proved tricky.

Unfortunately our intrepid ED Damaris had to deal two major roadblocks running right through our path due to engineering works!

A special round of applause must go to the volunteer marshall’s for acting quickly to divert the course and get it ready in time!

I strolled up at 07:15 far too late for a volunteer and started my first timer briefing at 07:25. (Terrible I know).

We then had the run briefing before we all made our way to the far left of the path to start!

We had 100 parkrunners and walkers today! A cracking turn out given the weather…

Now on to the big event! We welcomed Steven and Joasia on their way to Australia. Joasia “Jo” Zakrzewski (don’t ask me to pronounce it) is a double world record holder. Joasia is a professional runner (just like me ) and represented Scotland in her home Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.


Last year she broke the British 24hr road record completing 247.985km in the European Championships.

She bettered that accomplishment 3 weeks ago when she broke three records completing an amazing 411.5km in the 48hr race in Taiwan (I don’t think I could do that distance in a car in 48hours).

She broke the British women’s record of 366km which had been held since 1988. Not only that she beat the British men’s record of 401km which had been held since 1991 and even more impressively she beat the World record of 403km which had been held since last year.

Unfortunately Joasia cannot even attend parkruns in her current home Australia as she works on Saturdays as a GP. Talk about overachiever!!

Joasia and Steven if you are ever back on our little island we would love to welcome you again to ECP!

We welcomed 35 first timers to ECP for 8 of whom it was their very first ever parkrun! Thank you to all of you for choosing our parkrun - hopefully you catch the parkrun bug like the rest of us weirdos…

We welcomed tourists from the U.K. and Australia and also from Ireland and the US.

Congratulations to Katie Boorer who decided to visit us for the first time in order to celebrate her 50th Parkrun today! Amazing achievement!!

One of our recent volunteers Syed Wazir looked far too relaxed and casual as he lapped me and put in a ridiculous time of 23:00 - a personal PB for him.

A huge big wave and well done from all of us at ECP our regular ECP parkrunner Pris who is in Japan and recently achieved a PB at the Osaka Marathon!


Finally thanks once again to our Hi-Vis heroes without whom the event wouldn’t happen! If you wish to volunteer please don’t hesitate to contact us on Social Media or via email.

See you Next Week!!