#328 Event Report – A Spontaneous Singapore

A huge thank you to Josephine Johnson for this weeks event report. We think you will agree, it's a heartwarming read:

#328 10/12/22 – A Spontaneous Singapore

On Tuesday lunchtime I was all set to meet friends at Colchester Castle parkrun (England). Then I got the text from my partner, saying he had to fly out to Singapore for work on Thursday and would I like to join him. I automatically knew there would be a parkrun involved (that’s why he’s a keeper lol) a few phone calls to reschedule this & that later and my flights booked BOOM… I’m on my way!

I’m chasing my international parkrun compass challenge so East Coast Park was at the top of the to do list. I am totally smitten! It’s a beautiful park, with lush green trees, bird calls I didn’t recognise, loads of space for cyclists, rollerbladers and the non-parkrunners. I adored running past the Tai Chi class, the fishermen busy on the beach and families just enjoying the early morning.

Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 12.10.50

Today captured everything about the parkrun ethos I love. Thanks to Punam the RD encouraging me to write this report. I am very glad she did, as her team of orange bib hero’s, Alan Simpson, Damaris Carlisle, Hua Peng Wang, Imran Zaffar, Karianne Di Salvo, Katja Baxter, Michael Ballard, Priscilla Chew, Shireen Bailey and Stuart Mcintosh totally smashed the day! They were very friendly, approachable and very encouraging as I shuffled by through jetlag & the humidity. I really wanted to share what a super community it is and how easy it is to run & volunteer. If you are reading this and haven’t volunteered at East Coast Park yet, please do! The core volunteer numbers would love a local or visiting speedier participant to complete their 5K and then help with barcode scanning or a slower shuffler like me to write the report.

parkrun is all about the people and I love how strangers just “chat” as we all have that same connection. It was fab to meet Mick from Sydney who is an outreach Ambassador, Mollie who did her first EVER parkun, well done you! You soooo have to aim for a t-shirt now no excuse lol. Rebecca from Cardiff who is in town for a conference and Steve from London who is visiting his son. We all joined the core team of regulars & fellow tourists for the obligatory coffee at Starbucks. With its amazing aircon and fast friendly service and loads of space in & out, we continued our chats until jet lag called for a nap.


Well done to all to all the 74 runners, jeffers & walkers. Thank you East Coast Park parkrun I will return on my next Singapore visit!



Event Report: Josephine Johnson